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The Department of Family Life and Child Development was established on July 27, 1961. Its objective is to provide a theoretical and practical training for competent practice and leadership in the fields of family life and child development and preschool education.

FLCD is the study of individual development and family relationships across the life span. It has a distinctive focus and perspective on the care, development and education of young children. The discipline takes into consideration the holistic view of human development, integrating material and relational aspects of family life, designing developmentally appropriate programs for children and custom-fitted family life education programs for various institutions and communities.



Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Child Development (BSFLCD)

Instituted in 1976, BSFLCD is a four-year course that prepares students for professional careers in teaching and supervision of preschool children in different institutional settings, for planning and administration of family life program, and for research on Filipino children and families.

Diploma in Early Childhood Development (DECD)

Instituted in 1995, DECD is a one-year post baccalaureate course for practicing and aspiring preschool teachers or administrators in early childhood education. One of the highlights of the program is a 3-unit practicum course at the UP Child Development Center, its laboratory school, providing opportunity to apply knowledge learned in classes and gain hands-on experience working with children for one semester.

Master of Family Life and Child Development (MFLCD)

Instituted in 1983, MFLCD is a two-year program designed to equip professionals with essential theories and skills for building and nurturing careers in human development, early childhood education and family life. Graduates of the MFLCD program pursue careers as child development specialists, preschool teachers and administrators, family life educators, family life specialists and FLCD program designers and researchers.



The UP Child Development Center is the laboratory school of the FLCD Department. It educates children from 3 months to 5 ½ years old. The Center adheres to a holistic-humanistic view of the child. It specializes in understanding the child through the dynamics of family life and social influences. It advocates a progressive approach in early childhood education, through the use of the Integrated Core Curriculum. The Center is primarily utilized by FLCD students for observation of pre-school children, practice teaching, training in preschool management and research. The faculty of the Department utilizes it for research and for developing instructional materials for preschool children and parent education.

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